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Moorcroft Pottery originated in Burslem in the late 19th century and has since become one of the most famous and collectable art potteries today.

Moorcroft leads the world of art pottery with its own distinctive design style. With added value coming from the skills and craftsmanship of a dedicated workforce, Moorcroft is selling more of its magnificent ware all over the world today, than it did even in its previous heyday in the mid-1920’s.

Clifton Ceramics being a leading stockist of contemporary Moorcroft Pottery carries all the latest designs and new releases, including many discontinued pieces.

The Dog Walkers

Kerry Goodwin

Dawn Wren

Designer, Kerry Goodwin, has stepped back in time to create The Dog Walkers. Two fashionably-dressed Edwardian ladies grasp tightly on the leads of their dogs, the first controlling a pair of rampant greyhounds and the second a pair of well-behaved and totally unintimidated dachshunds. In whatever century you live, such encounters are familiar enough, but the Moorcroft designer has chosen to place her dogs and their two Edwardian owners in the middle of a stylised park full of swaying trees in the Moorcroft genre, a bandstand with the musicians playing with full gusto and a busy ice cream seller. Despite the drama of the confrontation, both women are reacting with plausible aplomb and dignity befitting a lady of their time.

The Dog Walkers is a design of drama drawn from a bygone age. Fashioned on the prestigious 93/20 shape even the sound of barks and growls is almost audible so realistic is the movement of the dogs, their keepers and the swaying parkland trees coloured in subtle shades of green. The Dog Walkers is a fine piece of ceramic art worthy of the home in which it comes to rest. The colours fuse gently into each other even though the dogs and their keepers are dressed in black. In art, atmosphere is everything, and The Dog Walkers succeed in taking the viewer back in time.

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Dawn Wren

'Dawn Wren'

Dawn Wren

From March to July Britain’s birds sing to attract a mate. As winter turns to spring, the lengthening daylight switches male songbirds into breeding mode. The first songsters of the season are residents such as robins and great tits, joined later on by migrants like chiffchaffs and blackcaps to make May and June the peak time to enjoy the dawn chorus. Since 1984 International Dawn Chorus Day is held annually on the first Sunday in May, and people are encouraged to rise early to listen to bird song at organised events.

Dawn Wren by Kerry Goodwin is on a new vase shape, the 65/4. In the distance, the silhouette of a village, complete with church spire can be seen as the sun slowly rises to mark another new day filled with birdsong.

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